Timberline Church exists to lead people into transforming relationships with Jesus Christ and others. Our hope is that everyone in Northern Colorado would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Furthermore, when people say yes to Jesus we seek to lead them in relationships with Him and others. Community is an important aspect of growth. For us, the perfect combination of growth would be community and the Bible. When we are together as believers, we are able to encourage one another and share our growth stories with the Lord. More importantly we are in community around the Bible and the things of the Bible.

Every week, our small groups will gather together, discuss the sermon and other questions for study and watch videos for further discussion. While we hope you can join a group, we understand that there is not always an opportunity in your schedule to do so. If you are unable to join a group at this point, we want to share resources with you for this study.

On February 3rd we will be starting a new Small Group series called Health Check. It will be a 6 week study where we look at Acts 2 and spiritual disciplines. God intends us to grow together in community. We are looking for leaders who are interested in opening their home and facilitating community while growing in their relationship with God. If you have questions or are interested in hosting a group, please email Nate at nate@timberlinewindsor.org.


Browse the listing below and email the leader of the group that interests you. Please email nate@timberlinewindsor.org with any other questions or concerns.

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Associate Pastor

Nate Taverner our Associate Pastor oversees Small Groups at Timberline Windsor. If you have any questions please feel free the email Nate at nate@timberlinewindsor.org.